Patent-proven powerful cooling functionality

Super light material of 150g, light as a feather

Hyosung Aerocool’s quick-absorb and dry fabric
High-quality products made in Korea
1 Durability


- Refrigerant is divided into 3 sets and used for more than 4 hours at a time

- Refrigerant is repeatedly replaced and used for 24 hours

2 Special refrigerant

- Manufactured with special materials, not  the general-gel type

- Maintains shape even after long hours of use, and easy to freeze and wear

3 Stable center of gravity

- Four refrigerants, two each on the front and back sides are arranged for a stable center of gravity

4 Ergonomic design

- Increase cooling efficiency by directly cooling the vagus nerve

- Fit to body with an adjustable sizing belt

- Stability without shaking even in vigorous movement

KCA Korea Consumer evaluation
'2021 KCA Leisure Awards' 

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mountaineering equipment

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