Naver’s most popular
hating vest brand

'Xylo Heating Vest', the most popular heating vest brand selected by Naver consumers

Acquired excellent performance evaluation from
Consumer Agency

As a result of Consumer Agency's comparative inspection of 10 companies, Xylo obtained excellent performance evaluation.

Selected for Good Design by the Ministry of Trade,

Industry and Energy

Xylo, with 20 years of history, was selected for ‘Good Design’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Heat efficiency

Acquired heat efficiency related patents and overseas certifications for reaching 60℃ in 10 seconds.

100% domestic product

Developed heating vests for 20 years and
insisted on 100% domestic parts


Our research and development puts safety first as we produce electronic products that come in direct contact with the body

1 Safety

- Application of fire and burn accident prevention system(Installed with insulation materials and overload protection system)

- Safe product without electromagnetic radiation

2 Insulation

- Reach up to 60℃ in 60 seconds- Use for 10 hours on a single charge

- Evaluated as “excellent product’ by the Korean Consumer Agency

3 Durability

- Recyclable auxiliary battery
- Up to 17 hours of use at low temperature

4 Convenience

- Convenient customization with smartphone app

- 3-step (LED) temperature control

- One touch on/off

60℃ : 6~7 hours
50℃ : 8~8.5 hours
40℃ : 16~17 hours

From the Korean Consumer Protection Agency, Xyloble is designated as ‘excellent product’ in thermal insulation, safety, and usability performance tests among 10 heating vests.
Overall results table for heating vests
Overall results table for heating vests

JC-3012C ‘Excellent’

Step 3 : high temperature

-Average temperature 58℃.
-Available time to use 6 hours


-Auxiliary battery/hazardous substances.

-Temperature stability

Step 2 : medium temperature

-Average temperature 45℃.
-Available time to use: 8.5 hours



Step 1 : low temperature

-Average temperature 38℃.
-Available time to use: 17 hours


-Average temperature of the heating area.

-Heat retention time

Surface change and washing resistance

Designated as excellent industrial design product from the Korean Consumer Protection Agency

KCA Korea Consumer evaluation
'2021 KCA Leisure Awards' 

Selected as the No. 1 seller of
mountaineering equipment

Xyloble products are selected as the No. 1 through a comprehensive evaluation of the number of reviews by category, product quality, delivery speed, response to complaints, intention to repurchase among online mountaineering equipment sellers evaluated by consumers of portal sites.

User review rating of 4.8.

Ranked No. 1 in Naver Shopping's most popular brands

Xyloble heating vest ranked No. 1 in Naver Shopping's popular brands.
Achieved a total user rating of 4.8 from 1,245 reviews.
Users find our vests comfortable to wear and use them with high satisfaction.

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