21.11. Selected as No. 1 in the sales category of mountaineering products by the Korean consumer evaluation

21.09. Selected for pilot use in the field of excellent commercial products by the Ministry of National Defense

21.08. 2021 Selected as Otstanding Industrial Design

21.06. Acquired Busan representative technology startup company certificate

21.05. Attracted investment

21.03. Established company affiliated research institute (KOITA)

21.02. Designated as a venture innovation company by the Public Procurement Service

21.01. Registered patent for portable body cooling fan device

20.06. Certified as KC heating vests by the National Radio Research Institute

20.05. Confirmed as a venture company (KOSME)

20.05. Certified as a heating vest by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association

20.02. Designated as Venture Nara by Public Procurement Service

20.04. Heating Vest Certification (KTC)

20.04. Heating vest certification from Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute

19.12. Registered patent for the manufacturing method of high-efficiency planar heating elements

19.08. Acquired heating vest electronic product safety confirmation (KC)

19.05. Registered the XYLO trademark

19.03. Converted to Xyblo Co., Ltd.


18.04. Confirmation of ice vest conformity according to the test report of Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute

18.03. Confirmation of conformity of heating vest according to the test report of Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute

16.01. Participated as a representative company in the 2016 export recovery conference hosted by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy

10.02. Registered patent on shoe insole for heating using phase-change materials

10.01. Received letter of appreciation from soldiers of the 27th Infantry Division regarding "Heating Vest"

09.10. Developed and supplied Jack Heater for high temperature semiconductors

09.05. Received the Minister of Knowledge Economy Award (in the Citizen Inventor Category)

09.03. Developed and supplied silicon Rubber Heater for semiconductors


08.12. INNO-BIZ certification

08.05. Registered the XYLO trademark

08.03. Mass produced HOT PAD for LND shipbuilding for Samsung Heavy Industries

07.11. Acquired CE certification on heating vests

07.02. Selected as a consignment item in 2007 by the Army Welfare Corps for heating insoles

07.01. Selected as a management innovation SME

06.07. Selected as a promising company in the area of patent innovation

06.06. Designated as promising export SME

06.04. Supplied Wheel Loader Seat Heater to Hyundai Heavy Industries

06.02. Developed SUS FABRIC heating elements


05.12. Selected as New Intellectual by CreBizQM Certification Body, Korea New Technology Excellent Growth Company

05.11. Developed new material heating insole

05.09. Acquired ISO 9001:2000/KSA9001: 2001 Certification

05.05. Developed ice vest gold-type ice pack

04.09. Developed and sold heating foil

03.06. Supplied seat heaters for express bus (Daewoo Bus)

02.01. Registered with Public Procurement Service / Military grade No 8415

00.08. Registered patent for condensation preventing 'ice vest'

98.08. Developed 'ice vest'

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