Xyloble is a functional wearables company loved by Korean consumers. With 20 years of accumulated technology and expertise, we hold the first patents for cooling and heating vest technology. Through painstaking trial and error and great expense, we have advanced the technological level of thermal insulation and cooling products with safety and efficiency as our top priority.

Our flagship products are ice vests equipped with a special refrigerant, and USB heating vests offering convenience and efficiency. We have entered numerous overseas markets, including China, Japan, and Russia, to promote our functional wearable technology made in Korea. We strive to increase our global competitiveness through continuously development and growth.


Xylo heating technology expertise has been proven through patents and overseas certifications.


Selected for ‘Good Design’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy based on 20 years of research and development into heating vests. Ranked 1st in the Leisure Vest sector of the Korean Consumer Industry Evaluation

The world’s first

World firstXylo holds the world’s first 'heating vest' technology.

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Xyloble heating vests

'I met you buy chance, Season 2 – Ep. 14' Xylo heating vest
aired on the fantastic Jeju Sea View Cafe Tour

20 years of traditionand quality
High-quality vests by Xylo

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Xylo's heating vest, recognized by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, provides warmth and stability.

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